Khechari Mudra of Hatha Yoga

The Khechari Mudra as described in various disciplines of Hatha Yoga, is one of the highest accomplishments of Yoga-Mudra sadhana stage. It bestows the practitioner yogi with super-human powers like complete freedom from disease, halting old-age(rejuvenation, anti-aging), remaining without food and water for months, even immortality!

The principle of Khechari was adopted by the Yogis from snakes going in hibernation for long periods of time. Other animals that naturally perform Khechari mudra for hibernation are: certain mountain bears, bats, frogs, etc. The ancient yogi-s improved upon this natural phenomenon and came up with Khechari Mudra Yoga. Such is my personal belief.

I’m quoting directly from the  Hatha Yoga Pradipika chapter 3. (translation from Sanskrit by Amitabha Chatterjee)

Verse 32: Kechari Mudra is done by inserting the tongue into the hole in the soft palate at the roof of the mouth, by turning it backward.

33. In order to be successful, the tongue must lengthened into a Lambika (such as the long tongue of Goddess Kali). Sometimes cutting the frenulum (a mucous membrane extending from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the underside of the tongue) is necessary. Else, pull or move your tongue around constantly. When it gets long enough, to reach the point between the eyebrows, then Kechari becomes possible.

36. The frenulum is cut 1/2 millimeter each day and the wound is sealed. In 6 months, the tongue becomes free & quite long. (Note: Dont eat food or drink that are too hot like chilli or too sour. This will make the tongue thicker and interfere with Khechari.)

38. A Yogi adept in Khechari, who turns his tongue upward in his seat (usually Siddhasana), is impervious to poisons, disease, ageing and death.

Khechari Mudra anatomy & science

Khechari Mudra Yoga

39. He overcomes disease, death, sleep, laziness, hunger, thirst, and fainting.

43. NECTAR: If a Yogi can drink the Juice of Soma (Moon) by meditating in Khechari mudra, surely he subdues Death within 15 days!

44. The Khechari expert cannot be killed even if bitten by the most poisonous snake; because his body is imbued with nectar.

45. Death cannot enter a body which is full of Nectar secreted from Soma (The triangular Moon mandala inside Sahasrara, the 1000 petalled Lotus)

48. The Juice of Immortality is secreted by the moon.

49. Taste the nectar with the tip of the tongue. The Ambrosia may be salty, bitter, sour, milky, or, like ghee(clarified butter) or, honey. Be free from disease, old age, be thou immortal and pull astral beings by the magnetic force.

50. The nectar falls from the Moon in the brain to the 8 petalled lotus near the heart. He who catches it by balancing Prana and doing Khechari and meditates on the source of all Power (Kundalini or Mahashakti or Almighty or whatever you call it!) becomes free from all physical ailments and lives a very long life.

Note: If you try it unguided (without the help of an experienced yogi) and block the internal nares and stop the oxygen flow, you may be unconscious or even suffer terminal damage. Please be patient, this is not a magic pill, it may take years to accomplish. A surgeon might assist you in getting the frenulum of tongue cut. But even then you must practice everyday by turning the tongue back, pushing the top palate, etc. Yogi Gorakhnath said that yoga without knowledge and knowledge without yoga are both useless… like a bird with a single wing. It cannot fly like that. So, you must combine spiritual wisdom, meditation on one higher power with your physical yoga in order to make it a success. Otherwise, you will only gain a blackout state like a long deep sleep out of Khechari. Yoga, after all, is not just a gymnastic exercise, its practical spirituality.

In this respect, I must mention the name of a modern adept of Khechari Mudra, who is famous as Sri Prahlaad Jani Baba. He has demonstrated many times in the presence of scientists and doctors the science of remaining alive without food and water for days. He stays in perfect health in spite of doing away with food.

Yogi Prahlad Jani, siddha in Khechari Mudra

Yogi Prahlad Jani, siddha in Khechari Mudra

Good luck.
~ written by:
Amitabha Chatterjee (disciple of Sri Dayal Baba and Sri Lalbaba)

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  1. There is a simple answer to the origin of Aryans in India. Any normal sensible person would ask: Does anywhere in the world outside India the Sanskrit language exist? Only totally ignorant person would give any other silly answer.


    1. The simplest answer to the problem of the “origin of Aryans” is, they originated in India, there never was an “Aryan Invasion”. The Aryan invasion propaganda hangs around the missing Saraswati river, or, the Mythical River, on it’s banks the first Vedic civilization flourished. But modern satellite images and science based archeology shows that there really was a Saraswati river in NW India and it’s basin was flushed by tectonic movement, also it’s tributaries (rivers that fed it) changed course around 4500 years ago. So, Aryans must have originated some 8000 to 10,000 years ago in NW India.

      Another thing, Sanskrit was not the original Vedic language, it was called Deva-Bhasa (language of the Gods ). Sadly, Devabhasa became corrupted after several thousand years, so Rishi Panini purified, corrected and reformed the remaining language and created Sanskrit Sutras based on solid sonic science. This corrected language was called Sanskrit.

      From the Vedas, Mahabharata, Puranas, it is clear that India in ancient times was much larger. Also India was not a unified nation, but a collection of scattered kingdoms. (They had a system of allegiance to a central kingdom through Rajasuya/ Ashwamedh Yajna). The neighboring kingdoms and India had a common root language sometimes called Indo-Germanic. As India and it’s neighbors expanded trade routes far and wide, these root words also spread. Not only language, but also mathematics, the concepts of zero, astronomy, astrology and philosophical spread to other nations too. Hence we find a few common words similar to Sanskrit all over the world.


  2. Dear Mr. Amitabha,

    I am very badly trying to reach out to you. I need your help regarding some yoga matter. Please contact me immediately in the email if you find this comment.


    Thanks and regards


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