Gita and Karma

Krishna suggests his disciple Arjuna (as well as all mankind), how Karma works, how it binds us.
Your mind is your friend and your own enemy. He who has mastered his own mind, accepts feelings of  pain & pleasure, both physical and mental with the same measure of calmness. (As if his life and actions are optimally balanced)
Gita Chapter 6, Dyana-Yoga, verses 6 & 7.
gita, stevens, karma

gita, stevens, karma

This verse contains great wisdom. Let us understand the psychology and philosophy of Karma.

Hence it is said, that mind is the root cause of Bondage and Liberation. All the works we perform, all Karmas are actually mental. The physical work is just the external projection of the mind. The sense organs like eyes, ears, nose, skin, tongue, bring signals from the external environment into the brain, the mind interprets it, and then we respond to those impulses as we decide. We react through the organs of action like speech, hands, legs, sexual organ, etc. Now, all these organs are harmless tools that obey whatever order the mind issues. So, we actually create Karma (actions) through the mind, not this physical body. The mind is encased in the brain and spinal cord.

If we bring the reactions of the mind under control, we can take wise decisions and perform meritorious actions. Then the mind is our friend. If we let basic instinct and animal impulses overtake us, then we are bound to commit grave mistakes in life. This is like my own Mind acting as my Enemy. We must judge and consider, what is the right thing to do in the current situation and then act. Also, my personal opinion is, that one is much better off when he (or,  she) has made up one’s mind on the goal of life. Then half of the battle is won! In order to do so, you must have a clear idea about who you really are, what are your talents, virtues and problems. Then our actions will be more focused, and we will not be wandering aimlessly, dragging our lives along.

The picture is taken from  Sacred Calligraphy of the East-  by John Stevens. I am fond of Calligraphy. It soothes the mind, provides moral and emotional strength at some subtle level. And its very aesthetic.


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